FoxPlay TV


Like Spotify, IMDB, and some others products, we can discover songs, read a movie review from the personal choices of our friends. Using this behavior, I decided to bring this idea to FoxPlay TV OS. The users can share movies and series lists, send a friend a recommendation. Everything will work as social media.


This design choice not only enhances user interaction but also fosters a community-driven experience, making content discovery more personal and enjoyable. The clean and elegant interface ensures that the platform remains easy to navigate, while the functional design supports seamless social interactions and content sharing.

Human interaction with remote controlt

Given the nature of TV interactions, the remote control is the primary tool for user input. I designed the interface with a focus on simplicity and ease of use, ensuring that every action can be performed with minimal effort. The layout is structured to allow for straightforward navigation using the directional pad. Users can easily move between menu items, select options, and access different sections of the app with a few clicks.