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We create the product and the logo which redefines the way how Cyrela’s marketplace interacts with scheduling positions in points of sale for properties.

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The salles managers and brokers who partnered with Cyrela arranged and scheduled selling points for properties through uncountable worksheets. We helped Cyrela in the mission to create a unique experience of schedule and booking of places. The project was a success nowadays in the routine of managers and brokers.

Some numbers


brokers use the product

04 M

of the store design


the main time to
schedule an agenda

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What we do
  1. UX Strategy
  2. User Experience
  3. Visual Design
  4. Design System
  5. QA
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Consultancy and reserve schedule

The broker, around the time of 50 seconds, have the possibility to consult and schedule a position for any point of sales. Alongside the sales managers and brokers, we design the best experience to solve this scenario.

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Favorite Places

We listened managers and understood that they need a section to add their favorite places. During the flux, we prioritize an experience of 360⸰, in addition to favs, the broker could access the place and schedule the booking with few steps.

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Pole Position

During the first hour of the weekend the brokers could book the salles place. How could take advantage and schedule first? In the Pole Position the broker can extend his ranking position of interactions, feedbacks and salles.

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