The Design Sprint is an 8-day process for creating products, services, and business concepts through design, prototyping, and testing with your real customers. It combines strategy, innovation, user experience (UX), concept creation, design, agile development, design thinking, and much more.


when to use design sprint

Idea validation

If you have an initial product concept or prototype, conducting a design sprint can validate that idea. By involving users early in the process, you gather valuable feedback, identify potential improvements, and make data-driven decisions to enhance and optimize your product before launch.

Early stage of Product Development

Conduct a design sprint at the early stage of product development, when your idea needs validation and refinement.

Preparation for product launch

Our deep practice in cultural and behavioral intelligence helps our partners put people at the center of their operations.

Redesign or Product Enhancement

A design sprint brings a fresh perspective when rethinking an existing product or feature. Identify pain points, explore innovative solutions, and test prototypes with real users to gather feedback and insights crucial for the design.

Addressing usability issues

Tackle usability concerns or negative user feedback. Through research and testing, a design sprint helps understand user pain points and frustrations.

Innovation and ideation

A design sprint is very useful for fostering innovation and generating new ideas for your product. It provides a structured framework for ideation, collaboration, and rapid prototyping.


all steps of the design sprint

Day 01
Align on problems and set goals

Gather experts from different teams to understand the company, the product, and the challenges faced. Based on these inputs, align the team and choose the right problem to be solved during the Design Sprint.

Day 02
Generate many solutions

Guide the team through a series of structured brainstorming processes to extract the best ideas from each team member, working individually but together.

Day 03
Synthesize the best solution

Build upon each other's ideas to create a solution that combines the best ideas from everyone and solves the problem identified at the beginning of the Design Sprint.

Day 04, 05 and 06
Create a high-fidelity prototype

In just 3 days, create a realistic, clickable digital prototype of the team's solution.

Day 07 and 08
‍Test the product with real users

Test the prototype with real users, observe their interactions, gather feedback, and generate insights on what's working and what's not.


deliverables of the design sprint

Design with prototype

Up to 8 screens - prototype on Figma

A clickable high-fidelity prototype that looks and feels like a real product. The project includes a maximum of 08 screens.

Usability testing

Recordings and documentation

Usability testing results and recordings of real users.


Documentation of results

Insights and recommendations derived from usability testing to enhance the product.

view prototype

who leads the design sprint

Thiago Oliveira,
Founder, Design Director

As the co-founder of T. Oliveira - a design and product development agency, you have over 15 years of experience working as a designer. You've served as the lead designer at some of Brazil's top design agencies and UX consulting firms. Throughout your career, you've delivered and collaborated on projects for companies like Coca-Cola, Samsung, Google, Absolut, Stellantis, Ambev, Cyrela, among other brands.

One-time investment
$ 5.000,00
50% subscription - 50% on delivery

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about our design sprint service

What is the delivery time for the Design Sprint?

The Design Sprint is completed in 8 days to ensure efficient and high-quality results.

What are the deliverables of the Design Sprint?

We deliver a design with a prototype of up to 8 screens, along with usability testing results and recommendations for improvement.

Can I request design adjustments during the process?

During the Design Sprint, we offer a single round of adjustments, primarily focusing on changes that directly impact the business. Due to the nature of the Design Sprint, we present designs in medium fidelity, and therefore, visual adjustments may be limited to ensure the 8-day timeframe is met.

How many people are involved in the Design Sprint?

Our team for the Design Sprint includes a talented designer, an experienced project manager, and a highly skilled design leader, ensuring a holistic and effective approach.

After signing the contract, how long does it take to get started?

To ensure proper preparation, we request 3 days before we start the Design Sprint stages, thus ensuring a smooth and organized process from the outset.